Introducing Captain Energy

Join Captain Energy to Fight General Waste and the Waste Invaders

Darrell Wiskur developed the concept and character development guides for Capt. Energy and his supporting cast of characters. Dennis Jones created the amazing artwork and the art developement sketches and notes.

The characters of Captain Energy and Associates are a registered copyright of Darrell D. Wiskur. ©1982, 2007-2015.
All Rights Reserved.

This original Captain Energy body of work was designed for the 1982 World's Fair Energy Expo in Knoxville, Tenn., for the purpose of obtaining a license for educational and commercial market products. The character concepts along with the original graphic and product prototype work were presented to the director's committee for Merchandise Concessions License.

Captain Energy is simply a super hero who helps society cope with energy problems. Suddenly, with General Waste exploding onto the scene, "Cap" is put into a head-to-head battle with him. Captain Energy meets Fossil Man and Nuke Cosmos in the meantime to help form the Energy Forces. It's obvious that Captain Energy has existed in one form or another since energy exploded onto the scene in the beginning of time. The "Origin of Captain Energy" is a story for another day and another time. Captain Energy is just a good guy verses the bad guys' story. However, there's great power in energy, and there's a lot to learn from Captain Energy. Nuke is an expert on nuclear power and can be found explaining things to Fossil Man. "Cap" has been known to get down to the basics and expound on why his Energy Force is on a mission to conserve energy.

Captain Energy

Join Captain Energy and the Energy Force as they battle against waste on planet earth and beyond!

General Waste leaves a path of destruction and waste

General Waste®
General Waste is suspicioned to be from Nuke's planet and the reason why Nuke came to earth and joined Captain Energy (in search of General Waste). However, Captain Energy will not let General Waste get an upper hand in his vengeance to emulsify energy.

Join General Waste if you want a battle!

General Waste and the Waste Invaders

Having pilfered energy on his own planet, General Waste has fled to earth to hide from Nuke and justice. On his way to earth, he passed through a time warp as Venus aligned with the moon, which put him on earth, but in prehistoric times. This portal in time explains the derivation of the bizarre creatures that compose the Waste Invader Force.

Join the Waste Invaders if you have a talent for making a mess of things or can turn order into chaos.

Nuke on Energy WatchNuke heads off on a mission

Nuke joines Captain Energy

Join Nuke Cosmos or Nutron III if you have a scientific solution to waste!

Nuke Cosmos®
The top of Nuke's helmet is lined with holes that shoot an oxygen mixture down over the top of his face allowing Nuke to breathe in space. His solar jetpack is equipped so that radio-transmissions are picked up on both sides of his helmet through receivers over his ears.

When Nuke Cosmos met Captain Energy and joined the Energy Forces, he received his Energy Force Badge, which he wears proudly. Nuke Cosmos wears a futuristic uniform as a leader of future armed forces of another galaxy. Nuke drove his space ship by earth and met Captain Energy while on assignment. Nuke's planet has more advanced energy forces and brings valuable information for Captain Energy.

Nuke reports to his leader the problems on earth and his adventures lead to finding solutions. Nuke calls into his home planet and plugs into computers for help in tough situations. Being from the future, Nuke's civilization is much more familiar with advanced types of energy and how to make better use of energy. However, being a galactic space cadet, his military ranking has demanded that he take a vow not to disturb the natural progress of civilizations, a secret Galaxy Code followed by space cadets of all ages.
However, Nuke can be helpful to earth, such as helping earth use energy resources more efficiently or tapping other resources more fully. Basically, he just can't give any advanced information to the inhabitants of earth, such as how his solar jetpack is used. That presents a challenge to Captain Energy and his Energy Associates--how can they discover these things on their own. Nuke's planet is run entirely by solar cells

Watch out for Nuke and Cosmos

Fossil Man brings the past to the future

Join Fossil Man if you are into geo physics and anthropolgy!

Fossil Man®
Before General Waste took off from this pre-historic jungle, Fossil Man and his saber tooth tiger wandered onto his ship and had gotten accidentally locked into a holding room. Hence, Max and Fossil Man took a fantastic voyage into the future. Eventually, they meet Captain Energy through a justaposition of circumstances and also join the Energy Forces. Captain gives Fossil Man his Energy Forces badge, which Fossil Man uses to keep his wolf-skin cape together.

As curious Fossil Man wandered General Waste's spaceship on that eventful voyage, Fossil Man by chance put on a helmet that was hooked to a computer that fed all earth 2020 info into his brain. (The computer was set on earth year 2020 because General Waste was using it beforehand to plot his navigation to the future.) Fossil Man was anxious to join the Energy Forces with his newfound knowledge in fear that the world he had always known was on its way to extinction.

Ms Energy champions energy

Join Ms. Energy if want to add organization and style to the environment!

Molly Kule has molecular power

Join Molly Kule to outwit and out maneuver your enemy.

Ms. Energy®
Ms. Energy runs an underseas laboratory that studies the earth's biosphere. She is always ready to run tests to determine the validity of Captain Energy's latest theory.

Molly Kule®
Molly Kule is from a small race of people on Nuke's sister planet that make great ship co-pilots. Molly Kule has the molecular power to change her size to whatever is needed in order to carry out molecular investigation work for Captain Energy. Clever and super intelligent with all the physical assets of a modern-day pixy, Molly Kule champions the good causes for Captain Energy.

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